Common Questions

Can prices change?
The prices on this site were calculated based on the tariffs and exchange rates in force at the time. Any change in the exchange rate or costs of fuels, port taxes, airport, fuel, and transportation costs of any nature may be subject to adjustment.

I have a reservation made can I cancel it? What are the cancellation fees? The customer or one of his or her escorts is free to give up or cancel the trip at any time. Such cancellation implies that it is responsible for the payment of all charges to which the withdrawal gives rise and also at a fee of € 25 for the services of the agency. Where applicable, the customer will be reimbursed for the difference between the amount paid and the amounts referred to above.

What can I bring with me in my cabin baggage?
  • Drinks: You can take drinks in individual containers in tin, plastic or glass, with capacity not exceeding 100ml. They also need to be transported in a transparent plastic bag that can be opened and resealed. The size of the bag can not exceed 20x20cm (1 liter capacity) and is limited to one unit per passenger. You may not carry drinks that are open or you drink before the safety check, and should be completely consumed or discarded. Remember that as soon as you pass security control to the restricted area of ​​departures you can buy drinks to take to the plane.
  • Food: You can carry fruit, vegetables and all solid foods in your carry-on luggage. However, foods with sauces or high liquid content (such as pastes and soups) should be placed in the same transparent bag as any liquids, creams, gels and pastes. The size of the container can not exceed 100ml, regardless of the amount contained inside. Please note that jams, honey and other preserves are also subject to these restrictions.
  • Baby Products: Take only what you need for the trip. You can carry wet wipes and baby food (powdered milk and other liquid gel or paste foods).
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment: When delivering your cabin baggage for security control, you must remove large electrical equipment from your luggage, such as laptops, tablets, hair dryers, etc. So that they are screened separately during their passage in X-ray equipment. You may also be asked for a more detailed inspection of your cabin baggage, including the electronic equipment (s) contained therein, such as laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. When requested, you should make your luggage available for inspection as well as remove the protective cover from the electronic items (when applicable) and make them available for inspection of the security element. The security element may still ask you some questions about your cabin luggage.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries: Disposable contact lenses (in closed packs) are permitted as well as non-disposable lenses with a small amount of solution (maximum limit of 100ml applies). In hand baggage only shavers with permanently integrated blade and respective refills are allowed. The following products must be in containers holding less than 100 ml and must also be transported in a transparent, resealable plastic bag (20 x 20 cm):
  1. Lacquer and other aerosols;
  2. Creams;
  3. Roll-on deodorants;
  4. Solar sunscreens;
  5. Shine lipstick or protective lipstick;
  6. Liquid soap;
  7. Toothpaste;
  8. Mascara;
  9. Contact lens solution.

  • Medicines and medical equipment: Tablets or powdered medicines are not subject to restrictions. Liquid medicaments of a similar consistency with a capacity of less than 100 ml and packed in a transparent plastic bag, the total capacity of which does not exceed 1 liter (20cm x 20cm), which can be opened and closed again, Do not require the submission of any document. If the capacity of the liquid medicament container or similar consistency is:

  1. Greater than 100ml;
  2. or Less than 100 ml and the medicament is transported out of the transparent plastic bag; The passenger is advised to be accompanied by a medical statement or any suitable document attesting to the need to take or apply it during the journey. It is considered that the "trip" covers the time of the outward flight, the stay and the return flight. Inhalers are allowed in carry-on luggage, but you should put the spare cans in your hold baggage. If you have special needs before traveling consult your airline. Remember that non-prescription medicines for children and adults can be purchased after you have passed the security check.
  • Smoking Materials: Cigarettes and other tobacco products are allowed in carry-on luggage. Please note that matches and lighters are not allowed in carry-on or registered luggage. You can carry a single butane lighter or a box of safety matches with you. Zippo lighters are also allowed.
  • Writing materials: Ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, gel pens and pencils are permitted, as well as permanent ink pens with a single load in use, the refills can not exceed 100ml.
  • Miscellaneous: Books, puzzles, games and stickers can be taken on board. Hats and wedding dress boxes are one item of hand luggage. However, these should fit in the luggage and match the weight restrictions. You can carry musical instruments in addition to the allowable hand luggage. If you have any questions, consult your airline.

What can not I carry in my cabin luggage?
The following items are prohibited in carry-on luggage:
  • Toy weapons or replicas (including water guns);
  • Sleeves or slings;
  • Razors (other than those mentioned above);
  • Baseball, golf and bat clubs;
  • Knives and scissors with a sharp or pointed blade and / or blades exceeding 6 cm, measured from the axis (round tip, scissors and blunt knives less than 6 cm are allowed);
  • Corkscrew;
  • Files;
  • Tools;
  • Darts;
  • Items that can be used as potential weapons.

In case you carry a prohibited item you can still send it by mail, using the envelopes machine and the postmark available before the x-ray. If you wish to take it with you to your destination, you can dispatch it as hold baggage back to your flight check-in counter.

What health care should I have before traveling?
Make sure that before you start a trip you are in good health. If you wear glasses or contact lenses take a reserve pair or a prescription of them as a precaution. If you take a specific medicine make sure you take it in enough, as it may not be available at the place you visit. Take the prescription and the part of the package that identifies the type of medicine and not your brand (which may not exist), which may make it easier to replace it. It is advisable to have your doctor's prescription in legible form in order to legally prove that you are using the medicine. Do not exceed the quantities needed for your personal use while traveling, because carrying large quantities of medicines may raise suspicions. Passengers with special needs must first inform themselves of the conditions for transporting products in liquid or gel. In order to use injectable medicines, you must request in writing to INAC a special authorization for the transport of the syringe and the medicine to be injected as cabin baggage, presenting for this purpose a medical certificate proving that the passenger needs the medicine, as well as mentioning The flight number, date, airline, destination and passenger identification. It is not advisable for pregnant women to travel to destinations where it is necessary to take vaccines against dangerous diseases such as yellow fever. Some diseases are much more dangerous for a pregnant woman (and increase the risk of death at birth) such as malaria. As a rule, airlines allow the transport of pregnant women up to 36 weeks. In addition, medical authorization is required.

Traveling with pets
Contact us, so that you are provided with all the information regarding the necessary procedures. The transportation in the cabin or basement depends on the size of the animal and has an additional cost.

What documentation do I need to travel?

The client must have in good order all his personal or familiar documentation (passport, citizen's card, identity card, authorizations for minors, visas, certificates of vaccines and others that may be required). Banknotes or birth seats are not valid as a travel document. The organizing agency declines any responsibility for refusing to grant visas, or refusing permission to enter the client in a foreign country; In these cases the conditions established for the cancellation of the trip are applied, being still of the client's account any and all costs that the situation entails. When traveling in the European Union, clients must carry their European Health Insurance Card to obtain medical care. Customers who are foreign citizens must have the necessary documentation (passport, visa, residence permit, etc.) to travel or transit within the European Union according to their nationality. For travel in whole or in part outside the European Union, visas or other special documentation may be required.

I'm going to travel accompanied by a minor. What should I do?
National legislation, more precisely Article 23 of Decree-Law 138/2006, of 26 July, stipulates that national minors, when not accompanied by those who exercise parental authority, may leave the national territory only with an authorization to do so . In both cases, this authorization must be included in a written document, dated and signed by those who exercise the legally certified parental authority, also granting monitoring powers by duly identified third parties.

What are the terms of payment?

Signage of 25% of the total amount at the time of booking, remaining the remaining 75%, to be settled up to 21 days before departure, or full payment at the time of booking. Payment can be made by cash, check, ATM or bank transfer to the following account:
Bank Data - Rivieratur Viagens & Turismo Lda Bank - Banif
Account Number: 120300305677710
NIB: 0038 0312 3003 0567 771 34
IBAN - PT50 0038 0312 3003 0567 77134
If payment by transfer, we request the sending of proof of payment, as well as the first and billing information (name, address, taxpayer's number and contact number).

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